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We are home to the Gaskin Museum of Marine Life, a small but detailed collection of displays and information about the marine mammals, seabirds and other flora and fauna of the lower Bay of Fundy.
We are open daily from 9:30 to 5:00 (late spring through early fall) and welcome more than 5,000 visitors each year. Displays are self-guided, and young visitors particularly enjoy our touch displays!

The Museum is funded by donations, we appreciate any amount you wish to contribute.

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From here on the island and from around the world.

Our goods are carefully selected to support our passion for marine mammals and seabirds with unique pieces for yourself and your home!

Our extensive selection of books, stuffed wildlife toys and educational toys are loved by children. As a not-for-profit, 100% of our proceeds go toward funding our research and the work of our scientists!

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